The general approach of Area F is the research on the use of future Zero CO2 fuels and fuel blends in the field of special powertrain application. The vision of Zero CO2 fuels with the same properties as today´s is not clear today and these fuels will be introduced into the market not before the decade 2030-2040. Transition fuels with high contents of advanced CO2 neutral fuel components enable a considerable reduction of the CO2 emission of internal combustion engines and will be available earlier in various blends. The research on these transition fuels together with the impact on emission, power as well as the CO2 reduction potential is focused in Area F Fuels.

When using these Zero CO2 fuels and fuel components, clear differences in the combustion process will occur as it can be expected that these fuel components have different properties compared to conventional fuels (i.e. fossil petrol or fossil diesel). This will most probably bring about benefits, options – and problems. As a consequence, the engines and the exhaust gas aftertreatment system will have to be modified at least in some aspects. Additionally, the control and sensors of the powertrains have to adapted and in some case novel control algorithms have to be developed.

Area Fuels is structured in 3 sub-projects, each one corresponding with one field of application. projects