Research Areas

Within the adressed fields of application, the hand-held and garden tools, the personal or single mobility vehicles and the light transport vehicles two measures for major reduction of CO2 impact are identified: the action fields “Zero CO2 fuels” and the “Hybrid / Electrification”. When the action fields and the fields of application are combined, a project matrix is derived with two areas comprising application oriented research (Area F Fuels, Area H Hybrid). Within these two areas sub-projects address the research demands of specific fields of application. In order to enable a maximum of interchangeability between the cross-sectional topics and the addressed application oriented projects in the areas Fuels and Hybrid, a third area bundling all cross-sectional topics is introduced. Because of the strong interconnectivity of these projects and topics the Area is called Area X. For the Area X no specific project with respect to a field of application was introduced, as this area is designed as cross section area. Instead, one project for each cross-sectional topic was established.